How To Get Started

The First Steps in Wagoner County

Getting started with Bulldog Divorce, PLLC is easy. Mr. Ingham and his office staff have worked hard over the years in order to help clients get their cases started and ultimately get their cases settled, well short of having to put on a full-blown Trial at the Wagoner Court House. To date, Mr. Ingham and his office staff have provided legal services to over 500 clients in the areas of family law.

With regard to getting started with your case, this Law Office is here to help you regardless of whether you and your spouse have reached a full settlement, are close to reaching a full settlement, or are nowhere near reaching a full settlement and are needing to move forward with the litigation process at the Court House.

Again, getting started is easy. In order to help you along with the process, we have included the information below to help give you more confidence regarding the early stages of your case. The information below describes a series of steps that are designed to provide you with a broad overview of the steps that will probably be followed by you and Mr. Ingham during your case:


Call the Law Office to discuss your options and possibly schedule a consultation.  When you call, you will speak with a member of the staff who will ask you a handful of easy-to-answer questions about your case. How you respond to the easy-to-answer questions, will provide information that is essential to determine exactly what type of case you have and to determine the best course of action moving forward. Keep in mind, Step One only takes about 10 minutes to complete;


divorce attorney tulsa, divorce attorneys tulsaAfter speaking with a member of the staff, you will then be given a date and time for a consultation. During your consultation you will discuss the details of your case, you will discuss the legal options available to you, and you will discuss options about hiring Mr. Ingham.

After your consultation, whenever you are ready and able, you will then proceed to make payment arrangements. Here at Bulldog Divorce we accept credit cards, debit cards, money orders, and cash.

If, after the consultation, you choose to hire Mr. Ingham and you are uncomfortable making payment over the phone by either credit card or debit card, then you can pay in person by calling the Law Office and setting up an appointment to stop by. Our office number is (918) 591-2566;


Once you have proceeded to make payment, then Mr. Ingham and his office staff will begin working on your case right away. It typically takes between 3 – 5 business days for your legal documents to be prepared. Once your legal documents are prepared, then they will be filed at the Wagoner Court House and you will officially be underway.


Once your case has been filed, then Mr. Ingham will begin to engage your opposing spouse in settlement negotiations.  In the event that your divorce involves children and you and your opposing spouse are in full agreement about each and every item, then chances are high that your case will be finalized within a matter of weeks.

In the event that you and your opposing spouse are not in full agreement about each and every item, regardless of whether your divorce involves children, chances are high that your case will have to be litigated at the Wagoner County Court House. Keep in mind, in most divorces there is some level of disagreement between the spouses. Most divorces do require at least some litigation at the Wagoner County Court House.


Once the negotiations begin, then you will be underway with the litigation process. In preparation for litigation, you and Mr. Ingham will begin building your case. As part of the building process, you will required to provide documentation confirming certain aspects of your life. For example, you will need to provide proof of your income, proof that your children are enrolled in school, and proof of health insurance coverage (if available).

With regard to the documented proof, do keep in mind ultimately there is a very high probability that a copy of the documented proof will be provided to the Judge or to the Mediator in order to present your case to them for final resolution.


Once your case is ready to move forward to either the Mediator or the Judge, then you and Mr. Ingham will begin working to try to settle your case outside of Court, short of having to put on a full-blown Trial.

Negotiating a settlement short of Trial is often time complex and takes time to complete. Keep in mind that  you and your opposing spouse will do the majority of the negotiating. When you are discussing settlement, so long as you are being reasonable and your opposing spouse is being reasonable, then chances are strong that your case will be able to be settled well short of having to prepare for and put on a full-blown Trial at the Court House.

Contact The Law Office – For A Free Consultation

If you are ready to move forward with your case, then you can call the Law Office at (918) 591-2566 to schedule a free consultation. If you prefer to use email or if you prefer to use United States Postal Service, then you can do so by clicking on the ‘Contact Bulldog Divorce’ page which is accessible by clicking on the phone number below.

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